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Many, many women would love to be in this category, but they don’t dare. You feel comfortable enough with yourself and who you are to enjoy dressing up because you want to and not because you need to. Not for anyone or any occasion.

For you, I designed some super cool items. I added some special ingredients I perfected over the years: making the items comfortable, flattering, and nonchalant. I love your style, and some days I’m also a little jealous when I feel I don’t embrace it enough myself. NEW: Try Before You Buy. Add as many items as you would like to your cart and only get charged for the items you keep.

How the evaluation was done: This recommendation is based on data from thousands of women who generously shared their feedback on fit + style, as well as thousands of styling sessions, in person and online, performed by Ruti and her team.

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Martinique Striped Skirt
Martinique Striped Skirt
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