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About Ruti - Ruti Zisser

About Ruti | American Israeli Fashion Designer

Ruti was founded in 2009 to change your relationship with your closet.
We’ve always been told that beauty hurts - that we must give up comfort in the name of style and compromise sophistication for whatever is fashionable. That’s where Ruti comes in. 
After years as a tech executive, Ruti Zisser took a leap of faith and struck out on her own to create a new kind of luxury brand.
From that moment on, she devoted herself to creating the clothes she’s been searching for all along, but was never able to find. 
I have three rules for design:

It must be COOL.
You don’t need to sacrifice the cool factor to achieve a look that is classic and sophisticated. Our clothes lend a smart and effortless touch to the woman on the go. 

It must be FLATTERING.
Our clothes are designed to flatter a woman over the age of 35 without making her look like she’s trying too hard. 

It must be PRACTICAL.
80% of my collection are clothes that I wear everyday. 20% of my collection is aspirational - it’s for the woman I daydream of being.


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Ruti Zisser an American Israeli fashion designer. Ruti is the founder, the CEO and the creative director of Ruti Inc.