An Idea That Was Born by Chance

Recently, I traveled to New York to meet with a branding company, whom I had planned to hire in order to better explain and promote who is Ruti, the company. During the visit, I spent a full day at my Madison Ave. store and met my customers, who came to say hello, have coffee together, and, of course, try on some clothing. 

 I was astonished as one customer after the other shared with me how Ruti has changed or impacted their lives: by empowering them, by letting them be who they want and aspire to be, and much more. Tears filled my eyes, and before long I couldn’t stop them coming down my face. I was so touched and happy. That night, a resolution was born.

I realized that my customers already had all the knowledge to best describe what my brand means to them and to any other potential customer. Nobody could articulate it better than them. I decided that this year I’m transforming Ruti into much more than clothing that impacts your life. Now, we are building a community, an alliance of women, and a paradigm shift of what fashion means to us in 2020. 

In the spirit of championing my customers as brand ambassadors, they are now the models in our new catalog. And I hope that many more of you will join us in future partnerships – only if you want, of course – and new journeys for happiness and the power to be whoever we want to be.

Love, Ruti

Behind the scenes