Ruti Face Masks

I hate masks. Okay, I said it! I tried to convince myself that it hides the wrinkles that I became aware of during Zoom meetings. But they are not comfortable, not airy, and just not natural. BUT they save lives! Period. Therefore, when we started designing Ruti masks, you can probably imagine how much pressure I put on myself and my team to create the best possible masks. Here were the conditions I wouldn't budge on:
1- Safe. Covering all that is needed. And now, we even added filters.

2- Comfortable. The right natural fiber that does the job but also feels great and not sweaty. Silk. Biodegradable, washed, and smooth.

3- Must have style. Come on, they are on our faces! Solid colors, not too bold, appealing. 

And thus, day after day, we continued to optimize our masks with colors that improved our mood and even a dressy one to go out in (shown in the photo). You can buy a set or get one with any purchase.*

With much love, Ruti

For hygiene, masks may only be returned if the original packaging is unopened. If open masks are returned, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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