What will be the first thing you do?

Last week, one of my managers asked a seemingly simple question: “what will be the first thing you do when all this is over?”I mumbled, “I’ll go to do my nails, and my hair, and...” Then I realized that I didn’t really know my answer. The truth is that sometimes I cannot stop fantasizing and analyzing what I miss most. For days, I didn’t even allow myself to admit it because I felt it was not politically correct to even think about it. Yet now, I'm finding out that this is not only fun but also very positive and strengthening. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. So here is a list of my fantasies, and of course being a fashion designer, I paired each one with what I plan to wear.

Love, Ruti

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Meet my all team in person and not over Zoom. I miss them very much, and yes, I also want to see that they are okay.

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Friday dinner with friends. Not only do I miss it so much, but not being close to your friends and family is what I found exceptionally hard during the pandemic.

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Dinner at my fav restaurant with my girlfriend. (My husband, please forgive me, but we've had plenty of dinners together lately.)

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Brunch in and Brunch out. Yes, a brunch so big and so sunny that it's like my first brunch ever.

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Business Lunch. Who knew one day I’d miss business meetings over lunch or even just coffee?

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SHOPPING! Yes, I even planned what will I wear to just go out shopping.

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