Ruti Celebrates a Decade

Millions. That’s how many ideas I had about how to commemorate Ruti’s 10th birthday. It has been a decade of transformation and developing lifelong relationships with all of you. How could I encapsulate such a deep feeling of what we have together? So, I decided to celebrate with YOU, my closest customers.

Celebrating 10 years means 10 days on the road for me, flying from state to state to meet you. In each store, I’ll tell my story, our story, of how my dream become a company, how my roots and family served as the foundation for who and what I am today. My number one lesson? Failing. Failing is the road to success.

My first visit will be my newest store in Beverly Hills, which symbolizes both the past and future. I hope to see you there!

Love you all SO MUCH, Ruti

P.S. RSVP'd guests will receive a hand-drawn Ruti print special edition T-shirt with my tote bag as a gift.*

Date & Time:
Thursday, February 27, 2020
6:00 pm

(I will arrive at the store by 12:00 pm
for customers who want to meet me in person before the event)

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Your Gift:


*Gifts limited to the first 50 RSVP'd guests