How to Transform an Everyday Outfit into a Holiday One

During this period of the year, I receive many requests from my customers, employees, and best friends for advice regarding their holiday party outfits – like how to be cool and dressy, but meet the dress code. Of course, it is always most important to feel comfortable. So, to help you get creative and stand out, I asked my superb team to provide some super cool ideas of how to take our items (many of them you already have) and transform them so all eyes are on you!
Love, Ruti
Shanice Ruti Soho   The Omega dress makes me feel like a walking goddess. It drapes in all the right places, and I can pair it with a boot or heel and make a statement. The perfect holiday dress.
Milah Ruti Abbot Kinney   What you wear is an expression of who you are. During the Holiday season, I find it important to find a look that is special and festive as well as durable. Whether I'm pulled in the kitchen to help cook or have to sit on the floor as gifts are being unwrapped, I'm wearing something comfortable and fabulous. The Cindy tunic is absolutely perfect for just that ;)
Marlena Ruti Scottsdale   Thinking of gifts, I love some holiday sparkle! This outfit feels daring, a little bit sexy, and definitely out of the box!!!!
Marie Ruti Santa Monica   I just love the Melody Poncho in Mink because it's so tonal but edgy and super comfy. I usually get cold around my neck so anything that covers my neck that gives me a great silhouette as a layering piece is a good item for me!
Robin Ruti Berkeley   While celebrating any holiday, a splash of color is in order. This color matches my aura!
Joni Ruti Santa Monica   This is my holiday outfit pick because I love a texture-rich, layered look... especially one that’ll keep me warm this time of year. Classic vibes with an edgy twist and just enough luster to keep things festive!
Jamie Ruti Berkeley   I love the rich jewel tone of this effortlessly elegant holiday look. The fabric and fit along with pockets make it so comfortable!
Drew: The suede Catalina vest has been one of those items that saves the day once a week. Sometimes I need to look like a superhero, but I let the garment do all the work. I just have to show up.
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