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10 years ago I interviewed an operations manager for Ruti. A woman who caught my attention, but didn't necessarily have quite the exact experience I was seeking. Two things however, completely sold me.

I asked her what she would do about all the knowledge she lacked and she said (without missing a beat ) that she’d have plenty of help from Dr. Google ;). Secondly, she told me that she had just returned from a few months in the country of Ghana, where she had volunteered with a local non-profit as a health educator for young women. One story I'll never forget was that she taught local adolescent school girls how to use reusable menstrual products, because often times, girls didn’t go to school on their periods. They couldn’t always afford to buy sanitary pads, and the shame or embarrassment would keep them from attending. I surprised myself by how shocked I was that young women sometimes missed up to 25% of the school per year just because of their period. 

After hearing this and more inspiring tales from this potential hire, I decided that someone who left her husband and a whole life behind for such an important cause must be a part of the Ruti family. And I was right.

This year, I hope to be able to help this amazing organization she volunteered with, Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI).

80% of our profits from today's (3/8/23) sales will be donated to AFAWI, which will go towards supporting girls and local Ghanaian female entrepreneurs by helping them to establish new businesses and expand their existing ones.

We would love for you to participate.

Love, Ruti

Learn more about AFAWI here. 

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You are a very special person, thank you for all you do for the women of the world and for the women of Ruti!


Wow a wonderful and thoughtful endeavor.

Janice Tildon-Burton

I’m proud to be a RUTI customer!

Diane Salzberg

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