Ruti celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year. Yes, this month we were supposed to celebrate together in my stores. I had planned to travel from store to store to be with you and share my story in detail. During these past 10 years, with every design I made, in every employee I hired, the feeling of the stores, and even the tea or wine I served, it all revolved around how to make you and the women in our community feel a little stronger, more comfortable, and generally happier. 

However, given the situation, we decided to put our community’s health first and will be closing all 10 Ruti stores until the end of March (at least). 

This does not mean we will stop supporting our community. I want to do what I can to add a little bit of light in your life, as well as continuing to support our dedicated team of stylists. 

To accomplish this, my team and I built a platform to help us stay connected remotely. Our stylists will be transitioning to 100% remote meetings, allowing every single person in our community access to high quality, remote styling at no cost. 

You can learn more here, and a Ruti stylist, probably a familiar face, will contact you at the scheduled time. Over video chat, they will demonstrate clothing items, recommend sizing, etc. 

Just like in the store's fitting room, you will be able to try on your items – at home. We will send them to you free of charge and will include a return label. Only if you decide to keep something will we charge you for the item.

We want you to feel comfortable to try on as much as you want and keep only what you love – because we know it's hard to imagine until you try on.

These are very difficult times for all of us. Yet, I ask myself: how do I take these lemons and make lemonade? How do I help every one of my customers and employees? How do I bring a smile to their faces and release some of the stress? We have built relationships for a decade and if I’ve learned one thing during these years, it is that our community makes us stronger as we are there for one another. 

So please, book a styling appointment. Or, if you prefer, visit our site and plan what you will wear when all of this is over. But most importantly, stay safe and take care. I love you with all my heart. We need and appreciate your support.

Love, Ruti