All for One, One for All


True story: When I was just a little girl, my mom invested a lot of energy and time into finding me the cutest outfits. Maybe because I was her only daughter with four brothers. Then she took her sewing kit and carefully removed every label or sign of the brand from these items. Puzzled, I asked her why she does this. And her answer was plain but crystal clear: “Because I want you to be unique and our neighbors will ask where I bought your clothes.”

Especially these days, I'm more than happy to ask you to take the tags off my clothes ;) and share us with the women you love. Adding more Ruti customers means we can retain our employees during this difficult time – and I plan to keep them all.

And there's a bonus for you too. You will receive a $50 Gift Card for new referrals. And so will they.



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Ruti was founded in 2009 to change your relationship
with your closet. We’ve always been told that beauty hurts - that we must give up comfort in the name of style and compromise sophistication for whatever is fashionable.
That’s where Ruti comes in.

After years as a tech executive, Ruti Zisser took a leap of faith and struck out on her own to create a new kind of luxury brand.
From that moment on, she devoted herself to creating the clothes she’s been searching for all along, but was never able to find. I have three rules for design: