A Special Project With Our Moms...


In honor of Mother's Day, we invited the mothers of our employees to come to our studio, choose their favorite outfit, have their hair and makeup done, and take a picture with their beloved daughters. It was a funny and exciting day, and many a perfectly made up face was streaked with mascara tears, but clearly, it was priceless.  We also asked our team to share one of their favorite memories with their mom!

Love, Ruti


One of my favorite memories with my mom was the trip we took to Peru together in 2019. My mom is a competitive waterskier and was competing in the IWWF Pan American Senior Waterski Championships in Peru - naturally I asked if I could tag along. My mom is so strong and inspiring, so watching her compete was amazing and made me so proud. We stayed in Lima for another week and toured around together. The best part was a hike we took to an incredible place called Marcahuasi (Stone Forest) in the Andes - it was other-worldy, with stones naturally occuring in the shapes of faces & animals. It was such a special trip to share with my momma - once in a lifetime! 

- Lindsey


I couldn't pick only one memory with my mom because all of them are my favorite! Her and I have a very close relationship so whenever we get together it's always a fun, memorable time! 

- Karen


She is my best friend, my rock, and every day I strive to be as good of a person and a mother as she is. I can truly say that I had the best childhood that anyone can ever ask for, with an abundance of love and support from my mom. One of my many favorite memories with my mom is my 18th birthday. We had a special trip to Mexico, just the two of us. Even though I got sick on that trip, we had an amazing time. It was a week of us spending time together, trying new activities, and having the uninterrupted time to chat about anything and everything. Although most teens would prefer not to spend their birthday with their moms, to me it was the most amazing trip that I will cherish forever. 

- Alina


One of my favorite memories with my mom would be when she would take me to my confirmation classes when I was a kid. Because I had 3 other sisters, this was one of the few times we got to spend together just the two of us. She would always take me to 7/11 for a little hot chocolate and donut. I grew to appreciate these moments because I would be able to tell her more about my “drama” as a 10 year old girl. 

- Elizabeth


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Thank-you Ruti for giving me this special opportunity with my very special daughter. You and your team create beautiful garments. I am honored and privileged to model a look for you, while at the same time spending quality time with my daughter. We had a such a great time!

Cindy Trueman

This is a wonderful way to celebrate the people who make your business a success. Thank you! Love Ruti!!! Xoxoxo


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