Ruti Pants Guide

Not all bottoms are born alike.

Here is my Ruti guide and approach to wearing pants:​

Fitted Pants

It is the optimal neutral item for any top you desire to wear. Works especially well with a fitted top. Or for a chic, flowing look, oversize tops make for a cool and unique look.

Leggings & Tights

One of the most flattering and comfortable clothing types. I love pairing it with a dress or tunic. Good for all womankind, at any size, age, and style.

Wide Pants

Some women mistakenly think wide pants make them look bigger. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you are ready for your first pair of wide pants, I recommend trying several types to see what fits you best. They might look the same at first glance, but each one has a different twist to optimize the way it flatters your body. Wide pants are especially nice with a small top or a larger one that tucks in at the front.

The Wide-ish Pants
Wide-ish Pants

Very Wide Pants

They are almost like a skirt and are especially a favorite of women who love and dare to play with oversized clothing.

These rocking pants arrived with an elastic band in the waist that transforms them into a super comfy and fun machine. Unlike common thought, what fits them the most is an oversized top as well, tucked in for a slouchy look. 

Cool Pants

Cool is both an adjective and a noun when it comes to describing this undefinable set of pants. The lack of definition doesn’t detract from their nonchalant and edgy style. Some things, like these cool pants, you must try on to understand.

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