about Ruti leggings:

Ruti leggings are purposely a dark color. 


Ruti leggings come in two state-of-the-art amazing fabrics that took us years to perfect. The first, the Ponti, is thicker, warmer, and holds you in more. And the second, the Basic, is a thin, Nylon-based material that is lighter on the body. Both are exceptionally flattering and comfortable. 

From the design perspective, there are also two styles. One is pleated at the knees and gives the look of pants, and the other is smooth and looks like more traditional leggings. 


Ruti leggings are true-to-size. 


For the most flattering results, I recommend you wear leggings with a top that covers the waist.


Wear and wash regularly in your washing machine. To help your leggings last longer, use cold water and minimum time in the dryer.

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