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Just before Pre-Fall...

If you are an early adopter (like me!) and must see everything first before everyone else - pre-fall was designed for us, and the Parker Dress is the ultimate pre-fall style. It's a fun dress that

For The Travel Minded

I hate packing. There, I said it. But I do love traveling, which means I follow every piece of advice I can find on packing light enough to avoid those extra baggage fees! (Traveling light is more fun

Adriatic Blue Collection

To all women who love the ocean: this one's for you. My inspiration of the season started with the desert. I craved the sun during the cold nights, and as the days got warmer all I wanted was the&nbs

Spring is a Feeling

To all the women who love spring as much as I do... I couldn't be happier to share the fruits of my labor for the season I love the most. I’m sure there are many people who especially love spri

Jumpsuits for All

If you think jumpsuits should be reserved for daring fashionistas, read my three favorite parts about them:   - It's easy to wear. No need to find a matching top or pant.- It was originally

My Weekend Uniform

My Carefree Uniform for the Weekend I received a note from a client who asked me to make my Marlon Sarafan Dress again, because it's her weekend uniform. So, first of all thank you! It's so fun for

How a Collection is Born

How a Collection is Born How is a Collection born?Like a baby.At the beginning it hurtsAfterward it comes outAnd everyone is happy,And suddenly --Wow -- it's great!He walks on his own.How is a collec

Matching Sets: Yay or Nay?

I'll admit that for years I was against wearing sets. I thought they were just too boring. Then one day a client of mine convinced me to try one out and when I did I was surprised by how much I actual

The Missing Stripe

When we designed the spring collection, I decided we needed to give stripes a little rest. But when all of the samples arrived, I felt something was missing. There's something about stripes that adds

The Lady in Red

  Since I was a child, my grandmother who was a real fashionista always told me that red was my color. As many times as she said it, I just didn’t listen. Who takes fashion advice from the

Until I see real results…

  I’m delighted to announce that I’ve signed up for a new gym membership. Since the sun has started to show it’s face, everyone is out jogging and juicing and I feel the urge t

My Little Secret For Shopping Sales

Maybe it's just in my head, but recently I've had the feeling that the whole world is on sale.The amount of emails I get for different products and services is enormous. Yet, I always have this notion
  Winter, spring, summer, and fall. We all know about the four seasons and the weather that comes along with them. But what about the Pre-Spring Collection, otherwise known as the Resort Collect

5 Fashion Rules for Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving: The more I learn about it, the more I love this holiday! So, I’ve decided to adopt it. The other day I found myself talking to one of our models about her family. She is

5 Comfy + Stylish Weekend Looks

It’s no secret how important style and looking well put together is for me. I started Ruti because I couldn’t find the type of clothing I wanted, and to be honest, I can’t resist eva

Bold Trends for Fall 16

It is hard to talk about technology today without kicking off a debate with philosophical implications (self driving cars, anyone?). While the modern technology conversation can get oversaturated
It’s vacation season and that means it’s time to plan exciting outfits and opportunities to wear them. This Summer I recommend getting out and having the time of your life! Here are my top
Twelve hours from Tel Aviv, and six hours from San Francisco, my mother and I are spending Mother’s Day together in Miami! A true fashionista, my mother taught me from early age how important fa
I hate to admit it, but if I’m being honest, hearing “wow, have you lost weight?!” always brightens my day. In truth, I’ve almost never lost so much as an ounce. The reality is

Retro Fashion Trends for Spring 2016 !

As a young girl I used to look at what my parents were wearing and I couldn’t avoid thinking “oh my god, this is so ugly.” As kids we are rebels, constantly trying to define ourselve
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