This week, I was styling one of my most loyal customers. The objective was clear: she needed several complete outfits in her arsenal to tackle the nonstop events of the holiday season, with something extra special for a New Year’s Eve party. The two of us may no longer be teenagers, but we found ourselves drifting down Memory Lane and giggling over New Year’s Eve parties from our pasts. We shared tales of panicked moments about kisses to be, or to be found, and wondered when and where the tradition to kiss at midnight even started.

Apparently the tradition began in ancient Rome during the year’s end Festival of Saturnalia, held in honor of the deity Saturn. It was a gift-giving occasion, but mostly what was given were kisses. The symbolic aspect was clear: kissing represented luck for the new year, no kiss meant a year of loneliness.

The styling session was so joyful and fun that I was inspired immediately afterwards to choose my own outfit for New Year’s Eve. As I considered the possibilities for my look, I thought about all of the meaning tied to New Year’s Eve. It is the celebration of completion, and the anticipation of new beginnings in the year to come. It is ritual and romance, marked by the long tradition of first kiss excitement and the comfortable kisses of lifelong partners. So while on most occasions I favor carefully crafted, unique, and effortless-looking ensembles, it is because of this wonderful meaning tied to New Year’s Eve that my approach is altogether different. It is one of those special occasions when I let myself be more free. I cut loose stylistically, and wear what I will feel the most festive, the most fun in.

And I hope you do, too.

No matter your plans this New Year’s Eve, I hope to be a part of them in some small way – whether it’s outfit inspiration or as your personal event stylist. This year, I promise to help everyone who is interested in styling the perfect look for your New Year’s Eve. Let me know!

Love, Ruti

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