Since I was a child, my grandmother who was a real fashionista always told me that red was my color. As many times as she said it, I just didn’t listen. Who takes fashion advice from their grandmother? Now, I feel a little pinch in my heart because I do love red - I also feel what she must have felt as I try to tell my daughter what is right for her :-)

Instead of wearing anything red I bought a red Kitchen Aid and even a red sofa. Over the years in my profession I've learned the enormous power of black, but I notice that each time I add a little bit of red I feel better about the overall look. Once it was a tiny red belt (my little black dress sold out in hours, so I knew it wasn’t just me!). But now with Valentine’s Day looming I find myself thinking about the color red again. Maybe I should dare more? Red makes me happy! I know red represents certain virtues like strength and courage, but it's also sexy (according to research, people wearing red are perceived as more attractive vs. if they wear something else).

So for this Valentine's Day I've made a resolution: Yes to red - in many things, because we can all use a little more happiness, especially in small packages - like a delicious red curry or that perfect red lipstick. Get ready to go RED with me.

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Dakota T-Shirt in Poppy

Paige Jersey off the Shoulder Top in Poppy



LADY IN RED - Chris De Burgh