It’s vacation season and that means it’s time to plan exciting outfits and opportunities to wear them. This Summer I recommend getting out and having the time of your life! Here are my top five Summer looks and activities to ensure that this season is memorable. Relax, be chic, and enjoy your vacation!

Love, Ruti

1. Do something you’ve never done before. Challenge yourself to try new things!


When it comes to your wardrobe, an oversized dress, like my Collect Dress, is a great way to expand your horizons.

2. Embrace romantic notions, like going somewhere scenic and writing something. Perhaps a letter or a journal entry!


 Embrace your inner poet in the timeless Poppy Vest.

3. Let yourself feel ten years younger by wearing a jumpsuit! 


One of my favorites is my Brandy Jumpsuit, which is modern, comfortable, and perfectly on trend!

4. Summer is a lighthearted time, and dancing or listening to good music out at a fun venue is a great way to spend a night! 

5. It’s time to go out and explore your local culinary scene!


Get a fresh meal at a fine restaurant nearby, and dress to impress for the occasion with a chic frock like my Ice Tea Dress!