When I shop during sale season, I often feel that when I buy an item on sale, I compromise. Sometimes the size isn’t perfect, at other times I’m not crazy about the fabric, and many times I buy more than I intended to buy. Worst of all, the clothes I buy on a sale usually remain in the closet, unworn, souvenirs of an unsuccessful shopping spree.


One day when my mother-in-law visited us, just in time for the famous sale season, I saw it in action. She usually invests in carefully chosen items, debating and rethinking, looking for a perfect match. But on the second day of her visit, she came back with several bags full of pants. To my shock, all these pairs of pants were the same style in different colors, even colors she will never wear.  “They were practically giving it away”, she said.


So when I started Ruti, I thought that if I can’t give my customers a really good, honest, sale, then maybe I should avoid doing sales altogether. As everyone around me claimed that it will never work in the US, I regrouped, initiating my very own philosophy on how to do sales.
The first point is that all the items on the floor need to be on sale.
The other thing I insist on with my team is to make sure that we provide the same genuine styling to our customers, never compromising. This way, I can throw a sale, making sure my customers treat themselves to clothes they will enjoy for a long time, not buying items that they don’t need to take up closet space.


Days and hours before our sale, we’re still receiving new arrivals, so the sale never consists of “left overs” from the season, but new designs as well. We arrange everything perfectly, making sure we prepare the store just like we do for a new season.

Here are some photos of the great items that are waiting for you:

7_SummerSale-copy 8_SummerSale-copy 9_SummerSale-copy 10_SummerSale 1_SummerSale

In the end, I believe in the quality and uniqueness of each item on sale, just as I do in a new arrival to the store. So come check out our beautifully curated sale display, you won’t be disappointed