When I was nine years old, my mother celebrated her 30th birthday, and my father bought her a present. I remember looking at the tiny box and thinking that it was too small for such an important event.

When she unwrapped the gift I was so worried that she would be disappointed. I watched carefully as she opened the box and took out a thin necklace with a sparkling stone pendant. It goes without saying that to my surprise my mother was breathless with happiness.

After the party my father explained to me what the present was. This was the first time I learned what a diamond was and how precious they are. He told me that he would have chosen something else, but it didn’t matter what he thought. He wanted my mother to be happy, and he knew that kind of present would bring her joy.

The main thing I learned from this is when you really want to give a gift from your heart, give something the recipient wants, and probably wouldn’t buy for themselves.

I will admit that it also taught me to appreciate small presents.

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