Meet the Ruti Jumpsuit!

As I already stated in an earlier post, I turned 40 last summer. What I didn’t enclose is that my husband surprised me on the Friday morning before my special day with a big smile on his face and an announcement that we were going away for the weekend!

He gave me an hour to pack, which felt like an eternity to him. I’m quite embarrassed to tell you that we left after 6 hours, with half of the closet in 3 bursting suitcases, and the rest of my clothing on different beds around the house.

Usually before traveling I have an idea well in advance of what I will take with me. That way on the packing day I have a mental list ready, I already know which pieces will get to accompany me on a new journey, and it’s easy to pack it all up.

After we finally left I was retracing the events of day and had an Ah-Ha moment: in each collection of Ruti we will have several pieces that answer the following criteria:

1 – Easy to put on and be ready to go in 60 seconds or less
2 – Flattering throughout the day and on almost any occasion
3 – Lightweight and perfect for travel

So here is the Ready, Set, Go! Collection which is part of our FW 15 collection.
BTW – I worked on the jumpsuit I’m wearing in the photo above for months with my pattern makers, until I was certain that it was really perfected. I am so pleased with the results! What do you think? Would love to hear you thoughts.

Have a safe trip, wherever life takes you!


We also created a wild yet subtle version of the Ruti jumpsuit.


When in doubt – Go for skinny Jeans and wrap yourself in a wonderful oversized cardigan.


Here’s a real time saver: It looks like a s skirt and a top, but they are actually sewn together from super flattering fabrics. That way you’ll always have the perfect match ready :)



A buttoned shirt-dress is always my winner, and it even takes less than 60 seconds to wear, (especially when you have the perfect accessories with you).