It’s that time of year, again: a time when many of us are on the hunt for something special to wear to the influx of holiday parties and events. While some people are lucky enough to have red carpet invites on a regular basis, most – like me – just use the season to shop for the amazing clothes that look too fancy on ordinary nights.

When I shop for my clients or for myself I usually look for items with good ROI. That is, I go for items that are versatile and have the right fabric weight. Unfortunately, the fun items that are not as practical win my attention, but often lose the battle on the way to the register.

This year I’m proud to present a collection of party outfits that are special enough for the holidays, but can be easily integrated into your everyday wardrobe. Enjoy!

For when you need a little magic… 

This is a MAGIC dress. When my clients see it on the hanger they are always opposed to trying it on, but I insist they give it a go. Once they finally get into it I see the magic in their eyes. It’s a beautiful and very flattering cut that comes in dressy black, as well as other colors to fit different occasions.

For when you need a little magic - Gloria Dress

For when you need a little magic – Gloria Dress


For when you’re feeling dramatic…

Can you handle a little high drama? For the occasions when your inner extrovert is taking the lead, this skirt is sure to put you in the spotlight. It is available in various colors and patterns, which can be styled for day to night.


Ruti Drama Play

For when it’s cold outside…

It may be bitter cold outside, but the party must go on! With this dress you can ditch the endless internal debate about whether to dress well or to dress warmly.

RUTI for Freezing Nights

RUTI for Freezing Nights

For when it’s REALLY cold outside…

Who said that you have to take off the jacket when you arrive? Some jackets are designed to be The Look.

The jacket stays on!

The jacket stays on!

The jacket stays on!

For when you feel like a winner…

Are you sophisticated and sexy? This is the right dress for you. The Northern Star comes in various colors, has beautiful clean architecture that fits the body perfectly. The unique body sculpturing properties make it a must try.

Northern Star - The winner takes it all

Northern Star – The winner takes it all


Love, Ruti