Yesterday I went to a party, where I saw a beautiful woman who arrived about the same time as I did. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. She had a wonderful sense of style, exemplified in a white buttoned-down top tucked into a pair of black pants, paired with high-heels that looked like they were taken from Sarah Jessica Parkers’ closet.
It was a very hot day, and the event was outdoors. You can’t spend as much time as I do around fashion without getting a feel for it, and I could tell that though she looked great she must have been feeling uncomfortable. I later approached her to tell her that her outfit was beautiful; she smiled, thanked me, and said if she was being honest, she actually couldn’t stop thinking about all the summer dresses that are waiting in her closet, wishing she was wearing one that day. I smiled at her.

To make sure you’re all dressed for an event, anywhere, anytime, I’d like to share my five top dresses for this summer with you. If you mention #RutiObsession at the checkout counter, you will get extra 10% off sale price.

Ruti Boutique Feather dress

The Feather dress is made entirely of silk, so just like its name, it’s light and airy. Feather comes in several different summery prints, including the beautiful floral print in the picture.

Ruti Boutique Dress Laguana

I just LOVE this graphic interpretation of the Floral print. This dress is unique, light, fun and very chic.

Smart and casual, with the right accessories – this is a must have summer dress.


Maxi, florals and a smile – the perfect combination :)

Surreal dress ruti boutique

The Surreal Dress is truly amazing, made of silk and with a printed front panel of an artistic flower. This flattering dress will win any occasion!

Hoping for a breeze…