It is 6 am, I am in Mexico.
I’m here with my amazing team, a small present from me for their hard work. Nothing like a small pause in a different place to renew ourselves. Ruti-Boutique

I planned to wake up naturally, since I find it hard to remember when I last had the chance to do that, but I couldn’t resist the magical moment when the sun wakes up too, and the air is cold, yet so sweet. I decided to seize the moment.


I must admit that while it was expected, I find myself surprised at just how much I enjoy being here. I have time to think and read, spend time with some amazing women, and simply be. I find myself wondering “why don’t I do this more often?” and “why do I always feel guilty when I think about relaxing?”


In a week I will celebrate the Jewish New Year, which falls around the time students return to school, and companies start their new fiscal years. The amazing view around me makes me reflect on the present and the future, and I can’t help but sense the smell of something new in the air.

My resolution for the coming year is that:

I will take a day or a weekend every month to spend on myself, going on short vacations alone or with friends, buying something that I don’t need but I love, and just doing whatever makes me happy.


I invite you to do the same, to treat yourselves well and make time to relax and do what you love.

Happy New Year!