On my last vacation I decided that I really want to be one of those people who travel light. Taking only one medium size black suitcase, some people are able to just throw in a couple of things and fly away, not carrying their entire house on their shoulders. We always have a feeling that black makes us look slimmer. Alas, this is true only for suitcases.

But then, on the first night I looked at the dress I brought, ironed in advance, and something didn’t click. Stunning as it was I wasn’t in the mood to wear it, and wished I had taken some more options along with me. I just realized that when you go on vacation you want to look great but effortless, as anything too tailored will seem like you’re trying too hard. And of course we dress to highlight that gorgeous light tan we’ve managed to get over a few hours of sun bathing.

So now, a week before memorial weekend, with summer just around the corner, and the 2014 Resort shows taking place as I write, I found the perfect startup.


It is the MUST HAVE item for a vacation, which, of course, you should pack on top of your favorite book, accompanied by a new vacation playlist.

Introducing the versatile kaftan 2.0.




Upon discovering the kaftan, your only concern will be to decide how many different designs to bring.


Problem solved. The carefree spirit of the Kaftan reminds me of Israel and the Mediterranean. It provides a luxurious twist on a vacation or a fun night out at home.

ruti buotique gallabia2


With the right jewelry and high heels it is perfect for going out to get dinner, chic for brunch with a pair of flat sandals, and practically your best friend for going to the pool or the beach.


Travel safely and as always, in style.