We moved to the States in October of 2002 and our real estate agent, Lynn, was shocked to hear that we had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving. She insisted we join her and her family and I immediately Googled all of the details about this new and unfamiliar holiday. In the back of my mind burned the question: what are we going to wear? Lynn, a beautiful and fashionable woman, had told me about her family, and I had no doubt that we needed to dress to impress.
We arrived at 3:15 in our stylish clothing to find the unexpected: a busy home full of playing children and adults in a crowd in the kitchen. Quickly we learned that food would not be served for many hours, and that this was a holiday about more than eating!
We fell in love with the culture of preparing and eating a beautiful family holiday dinner together.

I learned that day that Thanksgiving is about family, thankfulness, warmth, and over the years I perfected my Thanksgiving fashion rules!

1. Keep It Loose!
After a long day of snacks, appetizers, dinner, dessert, and that thing someone made with grandma’s secret recipe, you’ll be grateful your clothing isn’t snug!



2. Power Of The Print
Wear printed and non-delicate fabrics, that way if a child touches you with sticky fingers or someone hugs you too hard, your outfit won’t show stains or wrinkles!


3. No Shoes, No Problem
Many households have no-shoe rules, so wear something that looks good even if you have to take your shoes off! I think colorful patterned socks or tights are perfect conversation starters…. Just make sure they don’t have any holes!