My Dear Husband,

I’m sure, as always, that you won’t remember tomorrow is Valentines Day. Yes, I know that you love me, appreciate me, and cannot live without me. However, I’m a material girl and I love presents. Usually I prefer to buy things for myself because nobody knows better what I would actually want. But Valentines Day is the kind of day where I like to be surprised (with more than just loving words.)

I know you think I already have enough, and I know it is not easy to find the right gift for me. I love fashion, but if you tried to buy me a piece of clothing it would probably be a disaster (how would I try it on, or know what else in my wardrobe that it goes with, if it will fit my mood, etc.) However, there are a lot of fashionable accessories, which I love just as much as a nice garment, that are fun and easy to buy any time!

Just a thought to help you out; start with flowers. Send them to my work or wherever I am for the day (because it will be nice to show them – you – off a little to people around me; and please, don’t bring them in the shopping bag from Whole Foods.)

And also, here is a list of things for you to buy for me, and bring back home with you.

p.s., If you have a friend who really loves his girlfriend, share this post with him, I promise he will thank you.



RUTI Valentine Fashion Look 2
RUTI Valentine Fashion Look 1

RUTI Valentine Fashion Look 6RUTI Valentine Fashion Look 9 RUTI Valentine Fashion Look 8

RUTI Valentine Fashion Look 7
RUTI Valentine Fashion Look 5
RUTI Valentine Fashion Look 4RUTI Valentine Fashion Look 3