As a young girl I used to look at what my parents were wearing and I couldn’t avoid thinking “oh my god, this is so ugly.” As kids we are rebels, constantly trying to define ourselves and be unique. However, in retrospect, I cannot stop thinking about how much I underestimated my mother, who is and always has been a mega fashionista!

Everything I used to laugh about is coming back in style, and now that I’m older I understand these trends which seemed silly to me as a kid! I guess I owe my mom an apology. ;) Of course, as with any style revival, there is a modern kick to those inspirational retro designs. With the sophisticated use of innovative fabrics, an updated palate of colors, and primarily clean cut lines, these new looks may be based on the past but they are completely fresh. Check them out and see for yourself!

Love, Ruti

1. Wide Pants Wide-legged pants started gaining popularity in Winter, and have evolved into a fun incarnation for Spring! They’re arguably the most important trend this season, and I personally love them. My wide-legged pants are also a tribute to David Bowie who originally helped popularize the style.

2. Menswear Do you remember the first time you wore a boyfriend’s shirt? Or a pair of his jeans? Menswear is actually the perfect inspiration when designing for the feminine body, and the result is delightful. Make no mistake, these can be some of the sexiest items in your wardrobe!

3. Uniforms One common feature in all uniforms is the attention to detail in their designs. (Think back to the revolutionary jackets The Beatles wore for the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.) These details, when blended with high fashion and innovative materials create unique pieces for the newest generation of uniform-inspired style!

4. Denim all over Simply put: we love jeans. Comfortable and fun, denim is cool and youthful. This season I’ve taken denim to a whole new level to create something new which celebrates the timeless fabric.

5. Lace When modern fashion goes retro, you can almost guarantee lace will be on trend! Lace has been at the height of fashion ever since it was invented, and was historically often considered rare and valuable. Today it’s just as chic as ever, and technology has made it possible to create amazing new kinds of lace that have never been seen before!