Caught up in thoughts on how to present our new collections in the best possible way, I turned to stylists, producers and photographers, who came up with plenty of ideas, but none that I was passionate about. Aloof, 6 foot tall models; shot in crazy locations – were these going to become the face of my brand? Yet a key perspective was missing – mine, the grounded way in which I perceive fashion and my personality which is embedded into every item in the collection.



Ruti Fall 15 Lookbook Fashion oversize knit


My philosophy is as follows: I adore life in its simplest form; simple but not cheap. I will always prefer sashimi for example. Same goes for big fashion productions. So I decided to look carefully for a model who you cannot stop looking at, on and off screen.


Ruti Fall 15 loobook Fashion draped skirt

Not too tall, and not too thin, fun to work with, the girl next door, yet a woman who is a constant professional and can relate to our concept, so we can clearly deliver what we have been working so hard on. And as a bonus this girl has such a winning smile I’m sure she will win you over as well.


During the production we made sure that ambience was super fun. We chose a cozy studio with a team so inspiring and creative we could have stayed there for at least a week. The styling was crystal clear – we only chose real outfits (as opposed to runway attire) you can buy tomorrow morning and wear everywhere.

When you have faith in what you do, loosen up and smile – This is the result…

So please share your thoughts on those beautiful moments we captured.

Hope to see you in person over the weekend.


Photography: Lisa DeNeffe Photography