I know my Art Director is going to kill me… but I just had to share with you a sneak preview of my new official lookbook for Fall 2015!


While shooting, I thought it would also be great to reveal to you the inspiration behind this collection – the city of Tel Aviv.
Journey with me on an exclusive visit to the city which has my heart and guides my design aesthetic!


Tel Aviv perfectly encapsulates every element of my inspiration.
When I build my collections I go to places that help me to focus on those exact inspirational elements, and there is no better place than Tel Aviv.


My Ruti Cape was inspired by the beautiful architecture of Tel Aviv. A wonderful mix of modern buildings, the collection is rich with sculptural pieces that have a strong urban edge.

In creating this collection, I have been exploring a richness of prints and patterns and I can’t wait for you to discover it: Camouflage, checks, stripes, and florals are all reinvented with modern, super-chic twists for a bold new statement.


This love for variety mirrors my love for Israeli cuisine – a Mediterranean, healthy cuisine that is based on fresh and local goods.


In making this collection, I focused on designing items that can be worn in addition to the basic outfits we all love to wear. In other words, the addition that makes the difference. In the kitchen we call it the special ingredient that makes the dish unique and different. This is the saffron in the rice, and the spice in your wardrobe.

Every time I’m in Tel Aviv I’m struck by the harmonious blend between the rich history and the new and modern aspects of the city.

In a way, when I look at the this city, I see exactly what I aspire to create: eternally fashionable pieces that mix classic with new, modern with historic, edginess with nostalgia.

Tel Aviv feels like coming home…. Just like an extra special garment should feel the moment you slip it on.