Valentine's Day Love | Ruti

As you may have heard,( and I plan to share much more about my journey!) last week we shot our Summer Catalog in Jerusalem. When we planned the photoshoot and the location we struggled with where to actually take the photographs because we wanted so much to visit all of the holy places that are important for all religions. Some of these places, like the muslim quarters, are not recommended for jews because of safety concerns. However, many do visit, and it is safe 99.9% of the time, but the police still warn against it. It is such a beautiful, breathtaking, and authentic place, where it feels time has stopped for thousands of years. And this is just one small example of what we experienced.

So as someone who hates the word "no", and despite the words “it isn’t possible” of course we still went there. We took some safety measures of course, but none were needed.

As you will see, we took amazing photos there and in other locations where everybody told us it wouldn't work. We changed clothing, we did makeup, we laughed and we did it up big. We only received LOVE in each place we stopped - the market, the jewish quarters, the muslim quarters, etc. We gave love, we received love. I’m not trying to solve the political challenge (yet!) but happy to give you a window into one of the most impactful journeys of my life. I love YOU. Thank for supporting me and walking alongside me

Ruti | SS19

Ruti | SS19

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