Yesterday, I got this drawing from Tamar, my daughter, as mother’s day is just around the corner. Coupled with a very wet kiss she suggested the two of us celebrate on a girls’ day out.
Needless to say I was deeply touched by her attention. I looked at the drawing and thought how easy it is to make your loved ones happy.

gift ideas - mother's day at ruti

 Now that mother’s day is here, many of us tell ourselves; “Oh, my mom couldn’t care less about such things”, “Mother’s day is outdated” or “I’m too busy”.

Sometimes we really believe a certain ritual, ceremony or gesture is not important to us. However, when an act of kindness is surprisingly offered to us, we are nevertheless touched.
I urge you to take a moment and do something. It’s worth it.

gift ideas - mother's day at ruti

It matters what you do but it’s not the most important thing – and it doesn’t have to be a gift. Spend time together (no text messages or social media shortcuts allowed), write a note, pick a flower in the garden or just call and say “I love you”.

Mother's day gift ideas Ruti

Colour blocked handbag, and wrap peep toe shoes and red Gerberas.

If you want to go the extra mile I have beautiful gift ideas for you that all moms will love. You can pick it up yourself or have us wrap it up beautifully, add sprinkles of love, and send it to her.
Mother's day at

A hand knitted golden necklace

photo 1 (1)

Love this combination of flat peep toe shoes with raw edged shoulder bag.

A statement ring that melts my heart…

The ultimate evening shoulder bag, with a touch a snake print.

Getting ready for a serious arm party :)

Happy mother’s day!