Twelve hours from Tel Aviv, and six hours from San Francisco, my mother and I are spending Mother’s Day together in Miami! A true fashionista, my mother taught me from early age how important fashion can be. While she has always been my number one supporter and the one to encourage me to follow my dreams and become an independent business woman in the fashion world, at first she was actually quite stubborn and was a difficult customer. She had her own designers she followed, boutique she loved, and as we all know, longstanding routines can be hard to change.


My mom is wearing here my Flora Top – a key wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your taste and the occasion, the ideal combination of a t-shirt and a cape. (Click to shop)

My most recent collection was the turning point. It is hard to describe just how much it means to me that my mother finally truly fell in love with the clothing I create. She went from being set in her ways to, dare I say it, addicted to my designs! I consider her endorsement to be the ultimate seal of approval. While we’ve been enjoying our visit together I’ve been reflecting about my collection and what it really represents.

I wanted to take my strong belief that independent women should never choose clothing based on their age, or family status (married, single, with kids or without), but only by what they want to feel when wearing it.


My Violet Pants are comfortable and breezy, absolutely perfect for Spring and Summer! Best of all, they come in traditional black and tan as well as a vibrant red!

Thus we worked very hard to design a collection that gives women this freedom by taking age and status out of the equation. These designs give every woman the option to wear lots of comfortable looks for day and night, looks that can be sexy or casual, fitted or oversized. The common ground for every piece in this collection is that at any age and status you will look cool, elegant, sophisticated, and unique.


Who says fun and flirty can’t also be classic? With a chic yet traditional pinstripe and a bold modern cut which leaves your shoulders flatteringly bare, my Lena Dress will be one of your new favorites.

Seeing my mom wearing my designs on this trip has thrilled me, and shown me just what a success this collection is. She looks stunning, and I love that we can both wear items from the same line in different ways to suit our individual tastes and styles. People have stopped us often and are always amazed to hear that we are both wearing Ruti!


With a classic and noble design, my Iris Dress is easy to wear and has the most flattering waistline. The color variations allow for lots of options, from classic black, to playful blue, and even hot red when you want to spice things up!


Enjoy Mother’s Day, we’ve earned it