After I moved to the US, a friend of mine came back from an outlet shopping spree with a triumphant look and a huge bag filled with everything she had just found for $500.
She showed me her purchases item by item: a cute small dress, which she bought for a future where she planned to lose 8 pounds, heels that were too small for her, so she bought them for her mother, a coat she wouldn’t be able to wear for a year, as Winter had just ended…

After seeing my friend’s purchases that day, I developed my Golden Rules for successfully shopping sales. I hope they help you easily navigate flashy offers and bargain buys…. Here they are!

  1. Buy something that is good for now.
    A goal item may be cute, but there will be plenty of nice things for sale when you reach your goal.
    Golden Rules For Shopping Sales: Rule number one:

    Click to shop: Whether you favor crisp classics or striking prints, always buy what you like best.


  2. Don’t buy presents that the receiver may need to exchange. 
    Many sales are final, and there are often limited sizes available.
    Golden Rules For Shopping Sales: Rule number two

    Click image to shop: Small objects with no sizing constraints make perfect gifts!


  3. Fashion changes, as do your needs and taste. 
    When you buy something to wear in the future, you risk all of these variables, and those garments are usually the first to be donated, unworn.
    Golden Rules For Shopping Sales: Rule number three

    Click the image: Shop for the present, not the future.


  4. Buy the size and color you would buy even if the item wasn’t on sale.
    If you start compromising to get a deal, you will likely wind up unhappy when you get home.
    Golden Rules For Shopping Sales: Rule number four

    Click image to shop: Buy the pieces you like, don’t compromise your taste for a deal.


  5. Sales are opportunities to buy better items.
    Especially those that are more unique or higher quality than your normal purchases. Find your gems at a discounted price that way your risks are more likely to pay off!
    Golden Rules For Shopping Sales: Rule number five

    Click to shop: Have your eye on a special and unusual purchase? The time to strike is now!