Ruti Zisser: Flattering Items for Spring


I’m delighted to announce that I’ve signed up for a new gym membership. Since the sun has started to show it’s face, everyone is out jogging and juicing and I feel the urge to get healthy and fit myself.

I just love this time of year. It’s the time of year when spring is in full bloom, and my friends and clients are bubbling over with their vacation plans. It feels fresh and clean - full of excitement. Yet, I’m still half panicked when I go to try on on my swimsuits - old and new.

So,  just in case the gym doesn’t work its magic - there is always plan B: Fill my wardrobe with the most flattering clothing imaginable.  Here are my top picks (some are best tried on in person!)


The Sapphire Pants: AKA The Magic Pants

Sapphire Pants | RUTI


I’ve been playing with this design for some time. It comes in different variations and has evolved  year over year. At first glance, these pants look like they wouldn’t be flattering on the hips, but the truth is the exact OPPOSITE. No photo can fully explain why, it’s magic! Only when trying them on will you understand. When I wear mine, I always feel perfect.


The Charlotte Blouse: Men’s Button Down

Charlotte Blouse | RUTI

Yes, we always look better in our spouse’s shirt. (There’s a reason why you always see the girl lounging around in her boyfriend’s shirt in the movies!). We took this concept and refined it to perfection. We kept the flattering part, and adjusted the cut to fit the curves of a women. Don’t let this plain looking white shirt fool you -  it’s an essential addition to your wardrobe.

The Scarlet Blouse: Show What You Want, Not What You Don’t

Scarlett Blouse | RUTI

This top uses an elastic band to perfectly hide what you may not want to show. At the same time, the cut is just revealing enough to be sexy in the most flattering way possible. The sleeve is just the right length to show what we want and nothing more.

The Sketch Floral Jordy Dress: This Belt is Your Best Friend

Floral Sketch Jordy Dress | RUTI

When it comes to a flattering look, belts can be friends or foes depending on how they are used. Here, the half belt with this particular cut is a winner. Think a white print isn’t flattering on a real woman’s body? Think again. Happiness Guaranteed.



Edie Shoes: Heels to Give You a Leg Up

Edie Shoes | RUTI

The Nude Edie or Silver Edie Sandals. Everyone knows that heels are flattering, but comfort and style don’t come automatically with each pair. Our made in Israel Edie Sandals are a mix of comfort, class, and edge all in one tidy package. Must have.


Black Puzzle Necklace: Accessories that Slim

Black Puzzle Necklace | RUTI

Long pendant necklaces work magic: their length instantly slims your torso while adding an eye catching detail to your look. The Black Puzzle Necklace is a structural masterpiece that is equally dramatic and complimentary to any outfit