If you ask my employees what sentence I use the most; it will probably be, in different variations: “don’t worry, it will be alright”.
This comes from my Israeli origin.

In Israel, the way to face challenges and impossible situations is to say and believe that it will be ok. Momentarily avoid the problem and go on to find its solutions. Never say ”it is impossible”.


This is what makes fashion in Israel so unique; the Israeli fashion mirrors its culture. The designer never feels something is too crazy, or not traditional enough. He/ she will always seek the next impossible challenge, not forfeiting on comfort or practicality to design a beautiful piece, always striving for the next perfect design.


Two weeks ago I traveled to Tel Aviv with Pavlina, our San Francisco store manager and partner in crime to loving what we do (you can send resumes here: careers.dev.rudi.com), in order to partake in the creation of the new RUTI collection.
I feel that words always fail me trying to explain what the Israeli cultural fashion of creation is, so I asked her to join me and experience it herself; as I cannot take all of you with me, I hope that our pictures will do the work.


Tel-Aviv is Israel’s uncontested fashion capital. It’s hectic, vivacious and attracts many designers who choose to live in it- yielding innovative designs and contributing to its extremely current street-style. Tel-Aviv makes me feel like everything is possible. People are warm (sometimes too warm…), creative and blunt, but they are also respectful towards their tradition and history.
It’s hard to go to Tel-Aviv, which is a beautiful beach town, and have to work, as there are so many distractions in the form of art, music concerts, nightlife… and of course – fashion. But then again – We had to work on the new collection