Ruti's 5 Comfy and Stylish Weekend Looks

It’s no secret how important style and looking well put together is for me. I started Ruti because I couldn’t find the type of clothing I wanted, and to be honest, I can’t resist evaluating people on a "style scale" when I meet them. But next to style, I truly value comfort. When weekends consist of watching my kids on the soccer field, visiting my beloved local coffee shop, or having brunch at a friend’s place, it’s important to stay comfortable and stylish. Luckily for me, I have the luxury to design and create special items for those relaxed weekends.

These items are my top 5 looks to instantly upgrade your weekend! I promise you’ll be the coolest, most stylish mom on the soccer field. 

1. Paris Cardigan 

Paris Cardigan | Comfy and Stylish Weekend Looks

My son calls it a wearable blanket -- but my daughter wants one in her size. I wear the Paris Cardigan almost every single day.


2. Sophia Tunic  Sophia Tunic | Comfy and Stylish Weekend Looks

While it can be styled a little dressy, this tunic with sneakers and jeans or leggings is the ultimate casual, yet stylish look.


3. Suede Marigold Pant


Micro Suede Marigold Pant |  Comfy and Stylish Weekend Looks

The perfect pants for the weekend. They are soft and feel amazing on the body. But don’t let the dressy version fool you -- these pants are magic. Throw on with sneakers and a smile and you’ll have a winning look for sure. The hidden elastic waist on the back will make them your best friend forever.


4. Short Desert Coat 

Short Desert Coat |  Comfy and Stylish Weekend Looks

Just beautiful and extremely flattering with jeans. It will elevate your jeans and t-shirt look to an effortless editorial statement.


5. Twiggy Bag

Twiggy Bag | Comfy and Stylish Weekend Looks

A must have! The Twiggy Bag sits on your waist to keep you hands-free during your busy weekend. Both convenient and stylish, it wears like a belt and will make your outfit much more flattering.