A few years ago when I opened the RUTI store in San Francisco, I hired a wonderful PR agency. During one of the first meetings they interviewed me to better understand who I am and what I was trying to bring to my clients.

I didn’t even need to think about it and told her the following right away:
Fashion forward, comfortable, and honest.

Immediately my agent told asked me not to use the word “comfortable” at all. It should be out of my lexicon, she said, because it will be perceived as unfashionable.

Because I had a young brand, I listened to this professional advice, and kept creating state of the art fashion. And while it was comfortable clothing I was making, I never used that word to describe it.

RUTI grew rapidly and I decided to be open and honest about my belief in comfort as I am with everything else I do. Yes, I create comfortable stylish clothes!

More than I like fashion shows and events, I love to watch what the visitors are wearing. In the last fashion weeks (Paris, NY, etc.) I was delighted to see people wearing much more comfortable clothing including many pairs of sneakers instead of traditional high heels.
Here’s a selection of my favorite new winter comfortable yet very chic styles.
So, do you think they follow my blog?