I don’t know about you, but as much as I love my job, come Sunday night I already start to feel a little blue in anticipation of Monday. I’m happy to start a new week and act upon new ideas from the weekend, but it’s always hard to say goodbye to quality time with the family, a book, or just having less responsibility.

It always surprises me how sometimes the best cure can be found in what we wear.
when I put some extra thought into the small things, going to the office suddenly feels so different! A new dress that you prepared in advance to start the week, a fresh haircut, an amazing new nail polish… The secret is in the details that we use to put ourselves together to feel chic, well styled, and confident when dressing for work!

Here is my official list of chic workwear outfits, guaranteed to take care of any pre-Monday blues and to give a sunshine yellow start to your business week!



Is there anything more chic and effortless than a wrap dress? No! Best of all, you just need a few quick accessories, and you have a complete outfit that’s well put together. 


One of the best ways to look professional without feeling too “dressed for work” is to add a fun print, like the birds on my Plume Top, to let your personality show!


True to its name, the Wonderful Dress really is wonderful both to look at and wear! It’s just the right mix of comfortable but completely chic.


Sometimes the best way to get mentally prepared for a work day is to plan a perfect ensemble where every detail makes you feel great! These Cabaret Pants and Camellia Top are my favorites.Chic_Workwear_Outfits_Ruti.jpg

The RUTI Rider Pants offer a unique take on traditional office slacks, and they’re sure to stand out with my bright and cheerful Geva Top!Chic_Workwear_Outfits_Ruti_Geva_Top

We all know how essential the right pair of pants is to every look. They need to fit perfectly but not distract from the other outfit components. My Rider Pants balance that perfectly and will keep you dressed to impress!Chic_Workwear_Outfits_Ruti_Rider_Pants

When you’re on your feet all day, it can be hard to find that magical shoe that’s attractive without compromising comfort. My Edie 60’s Sandal is packed with a retro flair that adds timeless style to any modern look.Chic_Workwear_Outfits_Ruti_Edie_Sandals

Every ensemble needs the right bag, and my Lory Bag is a sleek, practical and luxurious addition that will make every outfit seem edgy and professional. Chic_Workwear_Outfits_Ruti_Lori_Bag


In the Summer, it can be hard to balance keeping cool outdoors with not being chilly in an air-conditioned building, but the Zeyf Cardigan is the answer you’ve been waiting for!