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Playing Favorites With My Team

We are constantly learning how to do better. That's why I drive my employees crazy asking about their favorite outfit. It tells me so much what they chose and - more importantly - why. I’m thrilled

The Truth About the Campbell Pants

The Truth About the Campbell Pants The inside story is that my Campbell pants are always on the way to production simply because I love them SO much, but I usually get scared that they just wo

Brushstroke Collection

Brushstroke Collection I wanted a more challenging print, but I was a little scared. So I took my best most flattering styles. With them I felt safe. I love the result SO Much. I hope you do too!

Meet Zola

Meet Zola The day I've been waiting for has arrived! The truth is that I've already worn it twice ☺️, and I must admit I felt a little too warm. But now it's finally getting cold and I'm flying

They're Back: Tristan & Marcy

They're Back. After numerous requests to bring back my two best sellers, they have returned just in time for the holidays! Why? Because I thought that it would be a stunning gift to you, and also an

Houndstooth Jacquard Collection

The Most Coveted Item of FW18 When I saw the first sample of Houndstooth Jacquard it was love at first sight. It was perfect. However, I wasn’t sure that my clients would like it as much as I did.

In Love With Flowers

I'm in Love with Flowers - But Addicted to Wearing All Black I'm in love with flowers...but addicted to wearing all black. So I asked an artist that I love to draw my favorite flowers, and cut mysel

Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Even though summer is in full swing, my Pre-Fall season starts now! I dedicate this season's collection to my amazing customers, who gave me practical and creative feedback in my recent survey. Many i

Just before Pre-Fall...

If you are an early adopter (like me!) and must see everything first before everyone else - pre-fall was designed for us, and the Parker Dress is the ultimate pre-fall style. It's a fun dress that

Spring is a Feeling

To all the women who love spring as much as I do... I couldn't be happier to share the fruits of my labor for the season I love the most. I’m sure there are many people who especially love spri

Matching Sets: Yay or Nay?

I'll admit that for years I was against wearing sets. I thought they were just too boring. Then one day a client of mine convinced me to try one out and when I did I was surprised by how much I actual

Bold Trends for Fall 16

It is hard to talk about technology today without kicking off a debate with philosophical implications (self driving cars, anyone?). While the modern technology conversation can get oversaturated

5 Spring Styles For Trendsetters 

  At least once a day a friend, a client, or even my mom asks me what the hottest fashion trends are. Five years ago the answer was very clear as a few fundamental trends were reported from th

Comfortable is IN

A few years ago when I opened the RUTI store in San Francisco, I hired a wonderful PR agency. During one of the first meetings they interviewed me to better understand who I am and what I was trying t

FW15 lookbook; Wear your smile :)

Caught up in thoughts on how to present our new collections in the best possible way, I turned to stylists, producers and photographers, who came up with plenty of ideas, but none that I was passionat

Obsession Alert: Summer Dresses

Yesterday I went to a party, where I saw a beautiful woman who arrived about the same time as I did. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. She had a wonderful sense of style, exemplified in a wh
Sometimes words are not necessary. RUTI’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is launching this weekend. Join stylists and me in all our stores. Get 30% off any one item you desire during the weekend
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