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Ruti Team's Favorite Sale Items

At the end of the season, it’s natural for some styles to go on sale - some sizes are left over, a few styles looked intimidating on the rack. etc... you know the story. BUT, at Ruti we don’t bel

My Little Secret For Shopping Sales

Maybe it's just in my head, but recently I've had the feeling that the whole world is on sale.The amount of emails I get for different products and services is enormous. Yet, I always have this notion

Golden Rules For Shopping Sales!

After I moved to the US, a friend of mine came back from an outlet shopping spree with a triumphant look and a huge bag filled with everything she had just found for $500. She showed me her purchases

When "Sale" really means Sale!

When I first moved to the US, all I could think about was getting a red mixer for my kitchen. Shiny but classic, and so useful; it was my version of the American Dream. I was also excited to experien

Sale, the Ruti way!

When I shop during sale season, I often feel that when I buy an item on sale, I compromise. Sometimes the size isn’t perfect, at other times I’m not crazy about the fabric, and many times

The American Dream

When I moved to the US 11 years ago (but who’s counting?) there were two things I was most excited about The fact that I could buy a KitchenAid mixer at a reasonable price; and Getting a cha
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