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Intoducing: Ruti's Style in a box

Our stores have always been about discovery – discovering the perfect fit, discovering new designs, styles, and ways to express yourself. At the same time I get that having a hectic schedule doe

Sale, the Ruti way!

When I shop during sale season, I often feel that when I buy an item on sale, I compromise. Sometimes the size isn’t perfect, at other times I’m not crazy about the fabric, and many times

My New Startup

On my last vacation I decided that I really want to be one of those people who travel light. Taking only one medium size black suitcase, some people are able to just throw in a couple of things and fl

Everything Will Be Alright

If you ask my employees what sentence I use the most; it will probably be, in different variations: “don’t worry, it will be alright”. This comes from my Israeli origin. In Israel,
Sometimes words are not necessary. RUTI’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is launching this weekend. Join stylists and me in all our stores. Get 30% off any one item you desire during the weekend

My Dear Husband,

My Dear Husband, I’m sure, as always, that you won’t remember tomorrow is Valentines Day. Yes, I know that you love me, appreciate me, and cannot live without me. However, I’m a mat

The American Dream

When I moved to the US 11 years ago (but who’s counting?) there were two things I was most excited about The fact that I could buy a KitchenAid mixer at a reasonable price; and Getting a cha
This year I am finally doing it! I am hosting the first Hanukkah candle lighting at my home. Through the eight days of Hanukkah, Jews all over the world celebrate at the homes of family and friends. T
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