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Interview Anyone? A job interview is basically a date. When we meet someone we don’t know, it's always a big question mark. I know that today most try their best not to judge a book by its cover,

For The Travel Minded

I hate packing. There, I said it. But I do love traveling, which means I follow every piece of advice I can find on packing light enough to avoid those extra baggage fees! (Traveling light is more fun

Jumpsuits for All

If you think jumpsuits should be reserved for daring fashionistas, read my three favorite parts about them:   - It's easy to wear. No need to find a matching top or pant.- It was originally

Matching Sets: Yay or Nay?

I'll admit that for years I was against wearing sets. I thought they were just too boring. Then one day a client of mine convinced me to try one out and when I did I was surprised by how much I actual

Bold Trends for Fall 16

It is hard to talk about technology today without kicking off a debate with philosophical implications (self driving cars, anyone?). While the modern technology conversation can get oversaturated
It’s vacation season and that means it’s time to plan exciting outfits and opportunities to wear them. This Summer I recommend getting out and having the time of your life! Here are my top
Twelve hours from Tel Aviv, and six hours from San Francisco, my mother and I are spending Mother’s Day together in Miami! A true fashionista, my mother taught me from early age how important fa
I hate to admit it, but if I’m being honest, hearing “wow, have you lost weight?!” always brightens my day. In truth, I’ve almost never lost so much as an ounce. The reality is
I just came back from a night out with a very close friend who was visiting from Israel. We ate, drank, laughed, and had a great time catching up, but I must admit something. For much of the even
I don’t know about you, but as much as I love my job, come Sunday night I already start to feel a little blue in anticipation of Monday. I’m happy to start a new week and act upon new idea

5 Spring Styles For Trendsetters 

  At least once a day a friend, a client, or even my mom asks me what the hottest fashion trends are. Five years ago the answer was very clear as a few fundamental trends were reported from th

Comfortable is IN

A few years ago when I opened the RUTI store in San Francisco, I hired a wonderful PR agency. During one of the first meetings they interviewed me to better understand who I am and what I was trying t

Ready, Set, Go!

Meet the Ruti Jumpsuit! As I already stated in an earlier post, I turned 40 last summer. What I didn’t enclose is that my husband surprised me on the Friday morning before my special day with

My New Startup

On my last vacation I decided that I really want to be one of those people who travel light. Taking only one medium size black suitcase, some people are able to just throw in a couple of things and fl
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