Ruti Launches Pre Spring in December

Winter, spring, summer, and fall. We all know about the four seasons and the weather that comes along with them. But what about the Pre-Spring Collection, otherwise known as the Resort Collection or “Cruise” Collection? Why on earth would a collection that hits shelves at the beginning of December deserve such a title?GatheringDress

There are many reasons. Some are historical and some are quite obvious - people love to  escape to warmer weather during the winter months. Yet, my interpretation of the Resort Collection is unique. While building this collection I thought about what I often want to buy for myself this time of the year.

For me the holidays and especially the New Year is a new beginning, a time to start fresh. I always feel so ready to celebrate the achievements of the past year and embark on a new journey. While most of the items in the stores around this time are on sale and mark the end of a seasonal chapter -  I, more than ever, want something new - something that symbolizes the New Year.

So allow me to introduce my Time Traveler Collection. A collection that is the answer to the  multi functional dilemma. These items will work hard throughout the rest of the year, but they are also perfectly warm and versatile for this festive season.

Begin your time travel.