How a Collection is Born

How is a Collection born?
Like a baby.
At the beginning it hurts
Afterward it comes out
And everyone is happy,
And suddenly --
Wow -- it's great!
He walks on his own.
How is a collection born?
Like a baby.
At the beginning it hurts
And then it comes out.

 (Israeli Songwriter Yonathan Geffen, "How a Song is Born")

Ruti SS18 Lookbook from Ruti on Vimeo.

Every time I plan a family vacation, I look for the most distant, exotic (and sometimes crazy!) destination.

Before I started the current collection, I planned a last minute vacation and was forced to go for a simpler, more sensible family trip. We decided to go to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs and to my surprise, it was stunning!!! Of course, I do know, but sometimes still forget, that you don't always have to go far to have some of the best experiences. 

It was there in Joshua Tree that my new collection was born. Of course, I couldn't help but photograph it there as well!
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