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The picture of my mother transferring the beautiful garments she bought to simple grocery bags when I was a little girl is still fresh in mind. I remember how strange the contrast was of the stunning

My Special Resolution

It is 6 am, I am in Mexico. I’m here with my amazing team, a small present from me for their hard work. Nothing like a small pause in a different place to renew ourselves. I planned to wake up
I know my Art Director is going to kill me… but I just had to share with you a sneak preview of my new official lookbook for Fall 2015! While shooting, I thought it would also be great to re
I just came back from a night out with a very close friend who was visiting from Israel. We ate, drank, laughed, and had a great time catching up, but I must admit something. For much of the even
I don’t know about you, but as much as I love my job, come Sunday night I already start to feel a little blue in anticipation of Monday. I’m happy to start a new week and act upon new idea
Many of you know that I have already celebrated my 40th birthday. I love my life and I don’t want a different body or younger soul, but I do find myself lingering longer around the makeup stands

5 Spring Styles For Trendsetters 

  At least once a day a friend, a client, or even my mom asks me what the hottest fashion trends are. Five years ago the answer was very clear as a few fundamental trends were reported from th

When "Sale" really means Sale!

When I first moved to the US, all I could think about was getting a red mixer for my kitchen. Shiny but classic, and so useful; it was my version of the American Dream. I was also excited to experien

Welcoming the New Year with a Kiss

This week, I was styling one of my most loyal customers. The objective was clear: she needed several complete outfits in her arsenal to tackle the nonstop events of the holiday season, with something
When I was nine years old, my mother celebrated her 30th birthday, and my father bought her a present. I remember looking at the tiny box and thinking that it was too small for such an important event

Give Dreams a Chance

This post is dedicated to my fellow beloved women who have a secret dream they’ve hidden away. Exactly five years ago I opened Ruti. This was a major life change after working for many years

Comfortable is IN

A few years ago when I opened the RUTI store in San Francisco, I hired a wonderful PR agency. During one of the first meetings they interviewed me to better understand who I am and what I was trying t

Ready, Set, Go!

Meet the Ruti Jumpsuit! As I already stated in an earlier post, I turned 40 last summer. What I didn’t enclose is that my husband surprised me on the Friday morning before my special day with

FW15 lookbook; Wear your smile :)

Caught up in thoughts on how to present our new collections in the best possible way, I turned to stylists, producers and photographers, who came up with plenty of ideas, but none that I was passionat

Intoducing: Ruti's Style in a box

Our stores have always been about discovery – discovering the perfect fit, discovering new designs, styles, and ways to express yourself. At the same time I get that having a hectic schedule doe

Obsession Alert: Summer Dresses

Yesterday I went to a party, where I saw a beautiful woman who arrived about the same time as I did. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. She had a wonderful sense of style, exemplified in a wh

Sale, the Ruti way!

When I shop during sale season, I often feel that when I buy an item on sale, I compromise. Sometimes the size isn’t perfect, at other times I’m not crazy about the fabric, and many times

My Secret

People often ask me “How do you manage?”, “What’s your secret?” With three children; four if you count my husband, five stores (and more on the way), and other balancing

My New Startup

On my last vacation I decided that I really want to be one of those people who travel light. Taking only one medium size black suitcase, some people are able to just throw in a couple of things and fl

I love you mommy

Yesterday, I got this drawing from Tamar, my daughter, as mother’s day is just around the corner. Coupled with a very wet kiss she suggested the two of us celebrate on a girls’ day out. Ne
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