I just came back from a night out with a very close friend who was visiting from Israel. We ate, drank, laughed, and had a great time catching up, but I must admit something. For much of the evening, as usual, I couldn’t resist carefully checking out what other people were wearing.

I was delighted to see that while it was a typical chilly San Francisco night, everyone’s outfits made it unmistakable that Spring is in full bloom. Nobody was wearing wintery clothes any longer and it put a big smile on my face!

However, with the cool weather behind us and Spring moving along at full force, I started thinking about Summer, and what challenges it presents when getting dressed. The first thing that came to my mind are Summer events, like graduations and weddings, which can be hard to dress for. There has to be just the right balance of classiness and breeziness, since these occasions call for nice attire during a more casual season. Also, when it’s hot out, who wants to get all dressed up? I think formal events require what I call “effortless Summer elegance!”

With this in mind, I was inspired to create a list of my top 5 winning looks that will be your favorite outfits for all of the graduations, weddings, and parties you’re sure to attend in the coming months!

1. Wrap dresses are a timeless and sophisticated style that are easy to wear. My Mantle Wrap Dress (featured above) is the ultimate go to for looking Summer chic.

2. My Jamie Floral Jumpsuit is the perfect piece for any Summer occasion. The style is edgy and chic and the floral print is sweetly feminine. Plus, jumpsuits are comfortable!

3. Maxi dresses are the perfect stunning Summer staple, since the long lines allow for the use of bold and eye-catching prints like the beautiful geometric design on my Ella Maxi Dress.

4. With an edgy and metropolitan style, my Brixton Dress is a great canvas for all of your bold accessories.

5. Pair solid and sleek pants with a uniquely printed blouse, like my Memories Tank, and make a conversational and statement ensemble you’re sure to love.