5 Fashion Rules for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: The more I learn about it, the more I love this holiday! So, I’ve decided to adopt it.

The other day I found myself talking to one of our models about her family. She is a California native currently studying in NY. Her eyes lit up when she told me that she’s going for a short visit to see her family in California over Thanksgiving -  after almost a year away. I was curious, so I  asked why she would visit on Thanksgiving when in just a few weeks she could go for a longer visit during the winter break? She said that she would go back to see her family again around that time. Then I was really confused! You haven’t visited your family in almost a year and now you are going twice in one month? She smiled and told me that Thanksgiving is such an important holiday in her family. That really struck a chord with me. 

Living far from my family, the hardest part is not seeing them often enough. I come from a traditional family where we follow religious holidays very closely. When I was 6 years old my fifth brother was born. Our big family is very close, so when I learned more about Thanksgiving I was jealous of the people who get to celebrate it every year with their loved ones. Thanksgiving is not about religion, yet it’s still such an important holiday that busy students fly home for 3 days to be with their families.

So, I’ve decided to adopt it. Thanksgiving is now officially my holiday too. It’s so beautiful and celebrates all of the good things in life. We’ve designed clothing just for this holiday - Ruti style. Appropriate, comfortable, but super cool. My way.

Here are the 5 rules to make clothing right for thanksgiving:


1. Wearable with New Balance sneakers



2. Comfortable enough to sit on the floor and play board games 



3. But not SO comfortable that comfy becomes frumpy - you can do better than sweatpants! 



4. No light colored clothing - otherwise one unexpected spill might ruin your otherwise lovely evening 


5. Loose - because thanksgiving is not the day to start a diet!