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During this period of the year, I receive many requests from my customers, employees, and best friends for advice regarding their holiday party outfits – like how to be cool and dressy, but meet

Playing Favorites With My Team

We are constantly learning how to do better. That's why I drive my employees crazy asking about their favorite outfit. It tells me so much what they chose and - more importantly - why. I’m thrilled

Your Number One Request

As you know - each year I always ask my customers directly how we can improve their experience with Ruti via our annual survey. In 2018, the number one thing I heard from you, was that you wanted to

Ruti Team's Favorite Sale Items

At the end of the season, it’s natural for some styles to go on sale - some sizes are left over, a few styles looked intimidating on the rack. etc... you know the story. BUT, at Ruti we don’t bel

Black Reinvented for Summer

Break the Rules Black for Summer Do you plan to attend some special events this summer? You're not alone. Most of us have at least one on the calendar, and many of us prefer to wear something othe

Organza Collection

Organza Collection I love challenges! The Organza Collection had many of them. White gets dirty easily, and it's sheer, BUT it's perfect. There's no chance you won't feel the glow once you put it
Trend Alert: A Thousand Shades of Yellow Yellow, Yellow Everywhere When talking fashion trends, yellow isn’t the first color that comes to mind. However, this summer it's a must have because....

The Color of Bold Women

The Color of Bold Women I have an iron-clad rule when choosing colors. The color must be a little tricky to pinpoint - if you can name it too easily, that means it's not unique enough. This color

Lace it Up

Lace It Up Ok. If you already love lace, there is no need to explain any further. You already know. But if you are like me, and you only dress up when you have absolutely no choice, then the Arabel

Capsule Collection: Blue Jacquard

Capsule Collection: Blue Jacquard I'm sure you've already taken note of my obsession with cool suits. Well, this one is devastatingly gorgeous ;). But make no mistake, while the full suit will giv

My Journey to Jerusalem

My Journey to Jerusalem "My visit to Jerusalem was a turning point in my life." I've heard this exact sentence uttered by many colleagues, friends, and customers - from all religions. I'm honored

Trends SS19

Am I supposed to follow fashion trends? Do I really want to follow all of these trends that are coming and going so often? My take on trends (and my favorite ones for SS19!)Read More
Interview Anyone? A job interview is basically a date. When we meet someone we don’t know, it's always a big question mark. I know that today most try their best not to judge a book by its cover,

A Lesson in Love

As you may have heard,( and I plan to share much more about my journey!) last week we shot our Summer Catalog in Jerusalem. When we planned the photoshoot and the location we struggled with where to a

The Truth About the Campbell Pants

The Truth About the Campbell Pants The inside story is that my Campbell pants are always on the way to production simply because I love them SO much, but I usually get scared that they just wo

Brushstroke Collection

Brushstroke Collection I wanted a more challenging print, but I was a little scared. So I took my best most flattering styles. With them I felt safe. I love the result SO Much. I hope you do too!

A Menswear Look, Ruti Style

A Menswear Look, Ruti Style Like many other things, when it comes to clothing it's much easier for men. But while men's clothing may be more comfortable, it's often also less interesting, less creati

My first collection for 2019

My First Collection for 2019 Meet Our Pre-Spring Looks Hello 2019! I'm SO ready for a new year, with new beginnings, and new dreams. And there is nothing like a fresh start with a new wardrobe (

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 Let’s start by saying a proper “goodbye” to 2018. 2018 was a big year for us as a company, and for me personally. We had tremendous success and also had our fair shar

Midnight Floral Collection

Midnight Floral Collection When I designed my floral collection, I was definitely thinking about Thanksgiving. I imagined people cooking, playing monopoly on the floor with their family, eating and d
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